Friday, January 06, 2006


I was amused by McDonald's new ads for their arch card. The ad goes something like this:

"Buy our overpriced Chicken Selects, and you get a McDonald's ARCH CARD! LOADED with A DOLLAR!" This card, apparently, is not only good for purchasing McDonlds, but it's also, somehow, important to having good times.

Well, anyway, I wasn't too impressed with the prospect of getting an arch card LOADED!, with A DOLLAR!, and I was a little put off by the whole ad campaign, so I went on Micky Dee's website. What I found there is funnier than any TV ad. This company, my friends, is the epitome of Tone Deaf.

They've established separate web pages for black people called "365 Black." There's also a web-site with the catchy name "i am asian." To round out the minority baiting, they've got "Lomxomo" to appeal to the hispanic crowd. Companies need to learn that people see right through this sort of targeted marketing. It's clearly comittee-driven, focus-grouped slop that doesn't resonate with anyone. Looking at these web pages, it's all I can do to imagine the boardroom meeting of portly, cynical white men that precipitated these sites.


Blogger ptm said...

Holy crap, I thought you were kidding about 365 Black and all that. I almost didn't even go to the website, for fear of feeling the chump after falling for your clever satire.

But...alas, it is not satire. "i am asian" really exists. Apparently Mickey D's thinks Asians don't capitalize. Which is fair, since I think Asians only communicate via text messages and World of Warcraft forums.

It's nice to know that McDonald's can make you sick to your stomach with more than just their food.

10:53 AM  
Blogger Vladimir Arunovich Ciampi said...

The only question is why the Asian and Black forums have such boring names, apparently selected by chortling overweight white executives, while the latin group has such an exotic name...that doesn't mean anything in Spanish. Is this a trick?

11:59 PM  
Blogger Q. Meyers said...

This is true. I mean "i am asian"??? Wtf?

12:34 AM  
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