Saturday, December 17, 2005

Like a goddam roach...

Cracked Magazine, the venerable, and entirely unfunny Mad Magazine ripoff, probably best known as a throwaway Bart Simpson reference, is back from the dead. Like a roach, this miserable rag simply WILL NOT DIE. Back when I was eight, after I'd read my MAD magazine cover to cover, I would buy this trash out of sheer desperation. Even then I knew it wasn't even marginally funny. Now it's back with a new website. I invite you to experience the bottom-of-the-barrel humor of Cracked. If anything you read in Cracked makes you laugh out loud, as god as my witness I will give you a bouquet of diamond rainbows.


Blogger Vladimir Arunovich Ciampi said...

You would think that would try to rip off somebody more relevant this time. Like the Simpsons or the Boondocks.

3:57 PM  

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