Monday, November 21, 2005

Sport Banality Vehicle

You'd think Madison Avenue would have figured by now that the American public suffers from "mountain-top-vista" fatigue. I mean, how many times do we need to see a marginally tricked-out mini van, cresting some craggy peak?

Have you seen this SUV ad with the tagline "Tell better stories"? It's telling that I have absolutely no clue which SUV it's advertising. What the hell kind of better stories do you think these people are going to tell? "Gee, Fred, I spent so long pumping my mammoth gas tank full of gas that my dog suffocated inside the vehicle."


"Wilma and I were out driving in our new SUV on I-95 and I drove right over a shredded tire--didn't swerve or anything--of course, now we've got severe undercarriage damage, but I never would have dreamt of doing that in my Camry."


Blogger Vladimir Arunovich Ciampi said...

Don't they have some ad where an SUV cruises down the canyons in the West and then goes down the canyons of New York city? Why don't they have aspirational vehicles for the urban people...with tricked out hubcaps, dashboard, bling?

What are the yuppies going to do when they get tired of this fad?

8:26 PM  
Blogger ptm said...

SUV ads are regularly the worst on television. They target suburban yuppie jerks who want to think they're adventurous and daring. Look, you can bomb through the mud at 50 mph, driving across untamed wilderness to hunt your game and bring the pelt back to your wigwam. Or you can sit in traffic on Main Street like everyone else, but with the added ability to block everyone else's line of sight.

I think a girl we knew in high school inadvertantly summed up the whole SUV craze best: "I want an SUV because I'm not a good driver and I know I'll get into an accident, and I'd rather the other driver be the one one who gets hurt." God bless America.

11:58 AM  
Blogger Q. Meyers said...

The New Yorker published an interesting article about the marketing of SUV's a couple years ago. The vehicles are primarily marketed to insecure people with failing marriages. Some of things marketers forced engineers to do: lower the ground clearance of one SUV because focus groups complained "someone could hide under there and sneak up on you," and, on another SUV, make the reare window smaller because "people could look in and spy on you."

Truly vehicles for the insecure.

1:20 PM  
Blogger Stewart Porter said...

I agree with Q. Meyers on insecurity. Compare SUV commercials to hybrid commercials. There are countless SUV commercials focusing on a "weekend with the guys" type theme. Advertising for hybrid cars shows hip, happy couples.

And whats with the hummer commercials? They have gone meta on us, honestly, with the baby and the monsters and the hummer.Who are they aiming at? The answer: HOUSEWIVES.

And my war lives another day...

12:14 AM  

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