Thursday, November 17, 2005

Isn't everyone this wealthy?

A thanks to Dr. Meyers for letting me post here. I'll do what I can to maintain his high ideals and whatever.

On to business: there's this new-ish Dodge ad with that annoying husband and wife who have been in their ads for a while. There was the one where they were in the psychiatrist's office talking about two different cars, but really it's the same, but the doc doesn't get it because science is junk and religion is where it's at. And there's another where the dad wants to make sure the infant son knows about grilling and Hemi engines so he doesn't grow up gay. OK, I may be over-interpreting them a bit..but that's the gist. A solid string of annoying ads.

In the new one, they're driving in the desert and the wife wants the husband to use the GPS system because he's lost. She's pointing out all the other cool awesome features, like "Weren't you happy with the Hemi?" and "Don't you like the DVD player?" She throws in some line when she's like, "Weren't you happy we got a discount on the truck?" And he says, "It allowed us to get a bigger boat." Like everybody in fucking America can relate to this douchebag family who not only can spend $40K on a big truck that they only use to cart their whiny snot-nosed kids around, and can not only spend $75 at the pump to fill it up every 100 miles...but can also buy a boat on top of that. Do top ad execs know that most of America doesn't live in the same income bracket as they do? Is there any chance we can finish off this series of ads with this couple getting audited to hell by the IRS and spending 15-20 in the joint for tax evasion?

In a future installment, we'll discuss when we became so slavishly attached to screens with moving pictures that we collectively concluded it was a good idea to be able to watch TV while we drive.


Blogger Q. Meyers said...

I think the only possible explanation for this sort of trash is "aspirational" advertising. Dodge is trying to convey the idea that their vehicle, although it will save you money, is not cheap, and the kind of people who buy their trucks are the kind of quality people who can afford boats and shit.

Granted most morons who want a gas-huffing hemi-powered shit kicker of a vehicle is also working for $7.50 an hour at Wal-Mart (or is a political apointee of the Bush Whitehouse). This must mean that Dodge wants to massage their mypopic little minds into believing that going 40 grand in debt with a monstrous interest rate is a good idea because it will make you into the kind of person you see in these ads--the kind of person with a hot wife, some heterosexual beef and football loving kids, and a goddam boat.

10:34 AM  
Blogger ptm said...

Yeah, the target market for these ads are the same people who vote for Bush and his tax cuts for the wealthy because, well, they could be wealthy someday, and they want to make sure structures are in place to help keep them wealthy. Ignoring, of course, that those same structures will obliterate what little chance they ever had of getting rich. But they will die they got that.

If I see a truck like that parked on the street in Somerville, I'll do my best to get my head underneath it, so I can at least do some peripheral damage to the vehicle when it (my head) explodes.

10:45 AM  
Blogger Q. Meyers said...

Come to think of it, most of these Madison Avenue Ad Guys are probably Ivy-League educated New York liberals. Maybe this dreck is what happens when they try to channel a red-stater.

5:11 PM  

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